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9 steps of Brahma Baba-Having Good Wishes and Pure Feelings

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The Year of being Angel like the Father 03-06-2012
Ninth step of Brahma Baba Having Good Wishes and Pure Feelings for all
Self Respect: Like Brahma Baba, I am the Ancestor of all the Souls… the Master Adam.
Being the Ancestor / Forefather of all Souls, Brahma Baba’s heart used to be filled with good
wishes and pure feelings for everyone. He used to even embrace those who where rebuking
him. He was the live example of the Sloka “May all be Happy…may all be healthy…”. We are
also the Master Ancestor Souls… hence follow the Father.
Yoga Practice:
GOD Shiva:
1. “How much ever like a black Cole (filled with bad Sanskars) let someone be, you see
that one as a Diamond. That will remove his black color (negative Sanskar).”
2. “You Souls with Good wishes, spread your sun shine of Good wishes and Pure feelings
throughout the world. This is the easiest form of Service through mind which you
Brahmin souls can do anytime towards even an unknown soul.”
3. “As a light house stays at one place and serves till a long distance, similarly you too can
be like Light House and might House and serve the souls of the entire World through
good wishes and pure feelings.”
Point of Inculcation: Having good wishes and pure feelings towards all
 Good wishes and pure feelings increase your account of blessings. Having negative
feelings like waste thoughts, hatred, jealousy etc increase the account of sin.
 The Souls who are becoming the World Emperors, have their stocks filled with all
powers and good wishes.
 The Foundation of Service is, ‘Good wishes and pure feelings’.
Point of Churning: Always to wear the ornaments of Good wishes
- What is ‘Good wish’ and ‘Pure feeling’? What is the difference between these two?
- How to always have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone in our hearts?
- Where do we fail to have good wishes for others?
- What benefit do we and others get by having good wishes?
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, our dear Baba says that, as the seed has the essence of the entire tree,
similarly, your seed like thoughts also should be filled with good wishes, pure feelings, and
thoughts of empowering the weak, thoughts of pacifying and comforting a disturbed and
unhappy soul by using all the powers. Then you will be eligible to be called as World
benefactor… the Master Adam.
Do not lose hope in those who have lost hope

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