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AIM: to become complete and perfect like Brahma Baba
Avyakt Baapdada said on 18/01/013: “Everyday from Amritvela till night, whatever thoughts you are creating, words you are speaking and task you are doing, check if I am doing whatever Baba says? Is that possible? Is it easy? Everyday’s murli is what Baba says. Therefore everyone should check did I do whatever the Father says? Is it similar? For the return of the Baba’s love and sustenance, I am not able to satisfy this auspicious wish of the Father. When will I give the return if not now?
So, let us give ourselves an immense push to fulfill Baapdada’s auspicious desire by returning to him the love and the sustenance He is giving to us.
First Mind
Second Words
Third Actions
Fourth Relationships

For the aim of every week, when we listen to daily murlis, we have to write down the points that Baba has given to fulfill that aim. We should churn on how Brahma Baba could have inculcated that point and write a minimum of 10 lines about it. Then we should practice them during the day. And at night, we have to check, have I done exactly whatever Baba has said? Write the percentage and the experience.
In your frame book, write in four/five lines the following by checking the result and record them before going to bed.
1. Good morning - 3.30 am 6. Did you read the Avyakt Murli? - Yes/no
2. Amritvela in Baba’s room- 3.30 to 4.45 am 7. The consciousness of self respect – very good
3. Physical exercises/walking - Hanji 8. Evening yoga - Hanji
4. Traffic control - 5 9. Baap Samaan – 60%
5. Murli class - in class 10. Good night - 09.30 pm

 During this month, we are specially going to wear two bracelets of maryadas ( Godly principles):
1. A cheerful face.
2. Royal manners.

 Practice:
Baapdada is constantly in front of me.

 Together with the special practice of Divya Darpan, write in your notebook at least 21 times the points of self- respect after noting down today's murli or 10 points of churning. If you have had any good experience, then note it down too.

 Self respect:

1 I, the soul, am remembering only one (eknami). 16 I, the soul, am liberated from all the bondages of karma.
2 I, the soul, am belonging to only one (ekvrata). 17 I, the soul, am karma yogi.
3 I, the soul, am the conqueror of the mind. 18 I, the soul, am loving & detached.
4 I, the soul, am blessed by manmanabhav. 19 I, the soul, am an instrument.
5 I, the soul, am ignorant of the slightest desires. 20 I, the soul, am a trustee.
6 I, the soul, am full with the treasure of elevated thoughts. 21 I, the soul, am making every action a memorial.
7 I, the soul, am the master creator. 22 I, the soul, am loved by everyone.
8 I, the soul, am the one staying beyond speech in the land of nirvana. 23 I, the soul, am satisfied by all.
9 I, the soul, am the sweet spoken (mitbhashi). 24 I, the soul, am obstacle free (nirvigna).
10 I, the soul, am speaking humbly. 25 I, the soul, am viceless (nirvikari).
11 I, the soul, am the bestower. 26 I, the soul, am egoless (Nirahankari).
12 I, the soul, am the giver of respect. 27 I, the soul, am humble.
13 I, the soul, am the one to make the defamatory a friend. 28 I, the soul, am the benefactor of all.
14 I, the soul, am the one who praises. 29 I, the soul, am the forgiver one.
15 I, the soul, am the one speaking words filled of love. 30 I, the soul, am merciful.
31 I, the soul, am equal to Father Brahma.

During the first week of each month, fill in a post card and send it to the office of the Youth Wing at 7, Mahadevnagar Society, Opp. Aakar Complex, Sardar Patel Stadium Road, Navjivan, Ahmedabad-380014
Phone No: (079) 26444415 / 26460944 Mobile: (+91) 9427313773
Email: Website:

Name: ……………………………………………………. Center's name: ………………………………………. DiDar No. ………..

Good Morning: 90% Amritvela: 75%
Physical exercises/cycling: 80% Traffic control: 90%
Murli Class: 90% Evening Yoga: 80%
The consciousness of self respect: 75% Did you read Avyakt Murli: 80%
Equal to the Father: 50% Good Night: 95%
Signature Of Teacher
Chart : OK / OK
I wish to join the Maryada Purushotam Group: ………………
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